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International Scientific - Practical Conference Modern Challenges and Achievements of Information and Communication Technologies - 2023

12-13  October 2023
Tbilisi, Georgia
                                                                 Organized by                                                                 
 Georgian Technical University in cooperation with HTW DRESDEN (UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES), Germany

Where will the conference be held?

The conference will open on October 12, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. in the administrative building of the Technical University of Georgia, G. in the session hall named after Nikoladze.

Attending the conference

For participate in the international scientific-practical conference "IModern challenges and achievements in information and communication technologies - 2023", which will be held on October 12-13  this year, at the Technical University of Georgia, then    register using the registration button below.

Collection of scientific works

Get acquainted with the collection of scientific works of 2023

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